2 New Fitbit Trackers Revealed in Leaked Images

After recalling its Force wristband earlier this year, images of what appears to be two new Fitbit fitness trackers — the Charge and Charge HR — have leaked online.
The “cleanest look yet” at the new fitness devices, obtained by Gizmodo, is pictured in the marketing materials that have not yet been made publicly available.

The Fitbit Force debuted to a largely positive reception in 2013, but the company later stopped selling the tracker and announced a voluntary recall when users began reporting rash-like symptoms. The wristbands included nickel, which often causes skin irritation.

The Charge appears to be a direct successor to Force; it tracks steps and calories burned, offers a stats display, and tells the time. The Charge HR, as the name seems to imply, adds something new to the mix: On top of the expected features, a heart rate monitor is always active, meaning you can track your pulse all day. This is a feature we haven’t seen on a Fitbit tracker before.
Your stats are again synced with the company’s app, though iPhone users shouldn’t expect to integrate the Charge or Charge HR with Apple’s Health Kit. Last week, Fitbit said it would not be integrating with Apple’s Health app and was busy “working on other exciting projects.”

Fitbit has not officially announced the Charge fitness trackers yet.

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