Find Out How You Can Work Better & Smarter With an iPad


Are you a doctor? A lawyer? An engineer? A teacher, an artist, a sales executive? A banker, an airline pilot, an entrepreneur?

Whatever you do for a living, your work does not define you. Instead, you hold the power to define the way you work. And the way the world works is changing fast, thanks to the magic, convenience, and versatility of mobile technology. Continue…

With an iPad in your hands, connected by WiFi or 3G to the Internet, you can instantly access the emails, files, documents, and data you need to do your job.
You can manage your workday, take notes, record interviews and meetings, and run presentations using the powerful and elegantly designed KeyNote app, part of the Apple Creativity Suite that comes free with every iPad.
You can also choose from thousands of specialist apps, available on the App Store, that can enhance and transform the way you work in your chosen professional field.
More than ever, the iPad is everybody’s business.
And now you can take a close look at how the iPad can work for you, by signing up for a free “iPad in Business” training session at iStore Ikeja Mall this month.
The one-hour session will introduce you to great ways of integrating the iPad into your small to medium-sized business, and will cover activation and setup, configuration, and device management as well.
So pop into iStore Ikeja Mall , or visit http://myistore.com.ng/ to book for the training session or to find out more.
The world of work isn’t what it used to be, and it isn’t what it’s going to be, either.
It’s going to be even smarter, even more switched-on, even more geared to making life easier and more productive for you…whatever you do for a living!

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