Images of All 34 Apple Watch Designs in One Place

Apple, too, is banking on the fact that everyone’s tastes are different and is clearly hoping there’s something for everyone with the watch.
In fact, there are three case models to choose from, before narrowing in on a wristband: Apple Watch, traditional style; Watch Sport, for fitness enthusiasts; and Watch Edition, an upscale model. There are two sizes for most (38 mm and 42 mm). Prices start at $349, but Apple hasn’t specified what each model will cost.
Then there are the wristbands. To name a few, there’s the classic buckle, the stainless steel options and the rugged ones for athletes. Apple showed that at least some of the wristbands are interchangeable, but it’s not clear whether all of them will be.
And the personalization doesn’t stop there; Apple is offering 11 interface designs for the watch faces on the screen, most of which are customizable to a wide degree. The company says you’ll have more than 2 million appearance options overall.

Apple Watches


While the interfaces haven’t been fully detailed, we know there’s a traditional analog option and funkier ones too, like a real-time 3D model of the earth, sun, moon and planets. The wristband options are already posted to Apple’s website, and there are 18 choices for the Apple Watch, 10 for the Watch Sport and six for the Watch Edition.
Here’s what’s coming to Apple’s first smartwatch:

Apple Watch

Apple Watch


The Apple Watch, the company’s flagship collection, is made from stainless steel and is designed to be worn during all your daily activities, from morning workouts to nights out. The model comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal-coated Retina display. You can pick between three different leather bands, a link bracelet, a Milanese loop and a band made from high-performance fluoroelastomer. In total, there are 18 options available, when you factor in size and case color. (It appears that the space-black case only comes with the space-black stainless steel link bracelet.)

Link Bracelet

Apple Watch Metal Bands


The Apple Watch Link Bracelet design (left) and the Milanese Loop option (right).
The Link Bracelet (available in stainless steel and space-black stainless steel) is made of the 316L stainless steel alloy, with more than 100 components to make up the wristband. Apple said it takes nearly nine hours to cut the links for a single band, mostly because they’re not uniform in size. Some of the links include a release button.

Milanese Loop (above right)

This mesh design, based on a technique used in Milan in the 19th century, is flexible and wraps “fluidly” around your wrist. While Apple said it gives the look of a magnetic stainless steel, the company created its own alloy.

Modern Buckle

Apple Watch


The Modern Buckle band design in three colors, and the Classic Buckle in black.
The Granada leather band (available in soft pink, brown and midnight blue) is developed by a small French tannery established in 1803. In what looks like a buckle, it features a two-piece magnetic closure to lock the band in tight. There’s also a layer of material for strength and resistance, made of the same material NASA used to create the parachute strings for the Mars Rover. The modern buckle appears to be available only with 38mm cases.

Classic Buckle (above right)

This option comes from the Netherlands and features a closure made from the same material as the stainless steel watch case. This traditional band comes only in black.

Leather Loop

Apple Watch Leather Loop


The Apple Watch Leather Loop collection.
The Leather Loop band for the Apple Watch collection is handcrafted in Naples, Italy. Magnets are used inside the wristband to give users a trim fit. Colors are available in stone, light brown and bright blue. This option appears to be paired only with 42mm cases.

Sport Band (seen below)

The Sport Band — available in black and white on the Apple Watch — is made of rubber, but Apple says it’s more flexible than other fluoroelastomer options. It uses a pin-and-tuck closure to lock the device in place.

Watch Sport

Apple Watch Sport


The Apple Watch Sport comes in five different colors and two sizes (38 mm and 42 mm).
If you’re in the market for something rugged you can take on a long run, the Apple Watch Sport is probably what you’re looking for.
This collection has fewer options (10) compared to the Apple Watch’s 18 different flavors, but comes in both sizes (38 mm and 42 mm) and a variety of bright, playful colors: white, black, blue, green and pink. The bands are made of fluoroelastomer.
Meanwhile, the case is created from lightweight anodized aluminum in both silver and space gray, and the display is protected by strengthened Ion-X glass.

Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition


The Apple Watch Edition lineup.
The Edition collection is an upscale version of what’s available for the Apple Watch. Each of the six versions comes with 18-karat gold that Apple says was developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold. The display is protected by polished sapphire crystal. This is probably the device you’d want to wear to a nice dinner.
Colors include a yellow gold case with bright red modern buckle (38 mm), rose gold case with white sport band (38 mm and 42 mm), rose gold case with rose gray modern buckle (38 mm), yellow gold case with black sport band (42 mm) and yellow gold case with midnight blue classic buckle (42 mm).

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